Gold's Gym Nepal Fitness Events

Gold’s Gym Nepal Events are held in different locations and communities throughout Kathmandu. Experience invigorating fitness sessions, rejuvenating yoga practices, and an array of exciting fitness-related activities! Open to both members and non-members. Stay tuned for more events. 


Here are the recent events from Gold’s Gym Nepal

Fitpreneur Connect

17th February, 2024

Gold’s Gym Nepal recently hosted a dynamic event called “Fitpreneur Connect,” designed to empower and connect fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs within Nepal’s burgeoning health and wellness industry. The motive behind Fitpreneur Connect was to foster a collaborative space where attendees could network, share ideas, and gain valuable insights from fitness trainers. The event featured interactive workshops, inspiring talks, and ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

Vinayal Validity Experience

9th December, 2023

The purpose of this event is to promote health and wellness within the community, motivating attendees to embrace an active lifestyle. Throughout the day, participants enjoyed a range of engaging activities led by certified trainers. The event offered Basic Yoga, Functional Circuit Session, and Importance of Nutrition on healthy living. This successful collaboration with Vinayak Colony proved to be a fantastic way to inspire the community and empower individuals.